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With this unique solution, you turn your restrictive digestate excesses into a valuable export product.

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Plug-and-play solution

The hygienisator developed by Dutch innovation company TOP bv is a plug-and-play solution for digestate excesses. After treatment with this integrated solution the digestate can legally be exported throughout the EU. Because of the use of waste heat coming from the biodigester, the process is both cheap and sustainable.

A hygienisator is always tailor made to your wishesTypical capacities range from 50 – 150 tonnes / day.

Design benefits

Adding value

Hygienisation kills the harmfull and dangerous bacteria in digestate. As an indicator of its process performance, the hygienisator is able to constantly achieve a >5 log reduction of Enterococcus faecalis.

Technical benefits

The hygienisator works in a continuous process and only uses recycled heat originating from the thermal power station. That makes the process very sustainable.


The hygienisator complies with the latest European legislation for hygiene (EHEDG) and safety (CE). The clean digestate can be freely exported throughout the EU ((EG) nr. 1774/2002).

About us

TOP b.v.

TOP is a service provider specialized in practical innovation for the food industry. We work for and with food producers and equipment manufacturers from all over the world. For our clients and partners we design and implement unique and useful innovations. At TOP, we consider research and development not as a goal in itself but rather as means to help you stay ahead of your competition and get the most out of your business.


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